Live and Move – Hybrid Dance Conference

  • Would you like to be immersed in God’s presence during artistic worship?
  • Do you want to learn more about living, moving and ministering to the Lord (through the arts)?
  • Would you like to be better equipped as a praise dancer to minister His word through movement?
  • Would you like some incredible, creative, worship movement ideas?
  • Would you like to learn flag moves and expressions, choreography technique, and so much more?

Get ready for an amazing, powerful jam packed 4 days of information and instruction that will catapult you to new levels in praise and worship dancing!

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I Offer Me – Worship and Wellness Workshop Recap

Saturday’s workshop  was so wonderful, and I can say that without boasting because I was just one among a team of teachers. Cynthia’s movement devotion was so beautiful and powerful. 

Yesterday I had the most wonderful start to my day by replaying the video and moving and praying along with her again. And the testimonies by Barb and Nanette will inspire and encourage you, especially if you are have received a difficult health diagnosis recently. Finally, you’ll go away with some new choreography that I teach to a song that will touch your heart deeply.

I’ve created a 4-minute recap of the workshop for you to enjoy. I think the recap alone will minister to you. You can watch it here:

If you were unable to attend the workshop live, you may still receive from the workshop. The recording will be available through the weekend and the offers and giveaways mentioned will be good through Sunday night. To be entered into the drawing for a wellness basket, email me before 12pm PST this Sunday night.

If you would like to register and attend, you can click here: REGISTER

Thank you for yesterday, thank you for everything. I showed up yesterday looking for Spiritual Discernment. I received it watching, participating and listening to all of the Messengers God used to minister to me. The message/instructions was very clear on how to take care of His God’s Temple my body. I trust Him to help me through this new way and process. I appreciate you much. – Yvonne

Offering Our Bodies – Holy & Pleasing

Nutrition and Wellness for Praise Dancers

Our bodies are vessels of Jesus. Let’s not forget to tend to the vessel.

Today I’m going to be talking about something that is absolutely critical to our ability to dance with freedom and to have longevity with dancers.

It is an issue that affects our mood, our energy, our relationships, our finances.

And, sadly, it’s an area that the Body of Christ often neglects.  

This is an issue that is close to my heart. I’ve had my own struggles in this area through which the Lord has brought healing wholeness.

I’m going to be sharing the importance of caring for our bodies, these amazing vessels in which Jesus dwells. I’m going to be talking about taking care of our health. Our bodies are His temple and He cares about the condition of them.

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When They Want to Do Cartwheels…

What do you do when your students want to do cartwheels?

What do you do when they suggest changes to choreography that has been born out of prayer and Holy Spirit inspiration?

How do you respond when you suspect your students are more interested in performing a stunt than delivering a message through movement?

Recently during modern dance class with a group of middle school girls, I faced a situation that raised all these questions. If I’m honest, it raised my hackles, too. In this post, I’m going to share how I responded, what the outcome was for this particular situation, and what I learned. I hope it will help when you face similar situations to respond with the grace and discernment of the Spirit.

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Creative Expressions Summit

Do you feel called to use the arts to advance the Kingdom of God?

Would you like to listen to and be equipped by others who are making a kingdom impact using their creativity?

Would you like to link arms together with other dancers and creatives in unity for encouragement and inspiration? 

You are invited to join us for FREE for the Creative Expressions Summit  that will empower and equip you to unleash the creativity God has given you.

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Praise Dance Camp Day 5: Ministering through Dance

Praise Offerings Dance camp final Day reflections and highlights: Today we shared with the parents and families our dance and what we’ve been learning. First, we led the parents in a devotional dance (it is so powerful to watch the parents join us in movement. The unity of movement helps bring a unity of heart and usher in a spirit of worship for the presentation), the girls danced beautifully (I’ll post the video soon), and we celebrated what God allowed us to do this week. 

One new thing He led me to do was to use journals with the girls, to share a scripture and have them listen to Him and put in words or pictures what came to their mind as they listened. Watching the girls sit quietly, reflecting and then writing/drawing was among the most beautiful/powerful times of the camp. The Lord has so much to say and longs for us to listen. Praying they learn to listen to his voice daily.

Enjoy the recap video below and see what God did among us:

If you would like to be equipped to teach praise dance to children, my online course Teaching Worship Dance to Children is on sale this week. Check it out here.

Dance Camp Day 4 Reflections: Teaching Children to Listen to God

Dance Camp Day 3 Reflections: Sharing Leadership

Dance Camp Day 2 Reflections: Building Character

Dance Camp Day 1 Reflections: Getting off on the Right Food

Praise Dance Camp Day 4 – Listening to God

Praise Offerings Dance Camp Day 4 highlights/reflections: Today we focused on our theme verse, Romans 12:1, and unpacked what it might look/feel like to be a living sacrifice. In journals, students wrote/drew what they thought it meant, we danced it, and then they for a chance to really apply it by pushing through the hard physical work that it takes to learn and polish a dance. For me, it’s an art/learning process to know when to push them to keep working and when to give them breaks. Allowing one student at a time the chance to sit out and watch the dance, offering critique, is one thing I have found helpful.

Praise Dance Camp Day 3 – Sharing Leadership

Praise Offering Dance Camp day 3 reflections: There are so many benefits to giving kids the chance to lead: it gives a devoted and mature student the chance to take on a new challenge and be affirmed. For the child who has trouble focusing or who is being silly, asking them to lead can sober them up, confer on them a dignity they want to live up to, and give you the chance to express appreciation for them when they do well. For the teacher, it enables you to take a breath, to remember you aren’t the one running the show, that the Spirit is active in each of the students.

Praise Dance Camp Day 2 – Building Character

Praise Offerings Dance camp day 2 highlights/takeaways: Part of leading camp is shepherding kids towards character. Today it meant pairing less skilled students with more skilled, so the latter can help the former, even though the kids ask to be paired with their good friends. It meant not scrimping on technique when kids want to jump to the choreographed dance (You cannot offer your best if you don’t take time to develop your skill.) These lovelies come to me with much godly character already instilled. Everyone of them stays afterwards and asks, “Is there anything I can do to help you clean up?” Within ten minutes, they have put away all the props neatly and carried my bins to my car. I did not have to teach or ask them to do that.

Pictured above is an artistic ministry activation where we learned about the sacrifices required before Jesus came, sacrifices that needed to be offered year after year and still did not transform. Then, we learned about the perfect sacrifice Jesus gave for us, so that we can offer ourselves as a living sacrifice, which is, through Christ, good, pleasing and perfect. Below you see them dancing with the silk billows by Bobbi Munci. The kids cannot get enough of the silk billows. You can purchase them here.

Praise Dance Camp Day 1 Reflections

Today was the first day of praise dance camp. I forgot to bring a camera besides my phone (which I needed for music), so no pictures. It was actually lovely to just be present and not be trying to take pics (although I will take them tomorrow, because I love to have them later to document the time and learn from). For today, here are my reflections:

1) I love getting to lead this time. I’m sure I enjoy it as much or more than the students. It is such a gift to have time set aside to dance and worship. It gives me a chance to move/praise away any stress I am carrying, to be free, to smile, and to focus on the kids and Jesus.

2) Free worship is one of the favorite parts of camp most valuable for everyone. It was beautiful to watch the girls just pour themselves into dance.

3) Kids love dancing with props. A strategy I’ve learned over time is to start small. We began with streamers today and they loved them. Once they discover the larger streamers, flags, the billow cloths, they love them even more and only want to use them. But there is something different to learn and to say with the different props. I have to remember to be the teacher, be prayerful and firm about what we will use each day. 

4) God’s Spirit is in me. He is in each of us who call Jesus our Lord. I prepare, but I can also rest knowing that His creative Spirit is in me and will lead me in our time. I don’t have to know every detail of what I’m going to do when I walk in the room. As a friend once said, “Leave room for God.”

I’ll be sharing updates each day, so watch for them.