Praise Dance Camp Day 5: Ministering through Dance

Praise Offerings Dance camp final Day reflections and highlights: Today we shared with the parents and families our dance and what we’ve been learning. First, we led the parents in a devotional dance (it is so powerful to watch the parents join us in movement. The unity of movement helps bring a unity of heart and usher in a spirit of worship for the presentation), the girls danced beautifully (I’ll post the video soon), and we celebrated what God allowed us to do this week. 

One new thing He led me to do was to use journals with the girls, to share a scripture and have them listen to Him and put in words or pictures what came to their mind as they listened. Watching the girls sit quietly, reflecting and then writing/drawing was among the most beautiful/powerful times of the camp. The Lord has so much to say and longs for us to listen. Praying they learn to listen to his voice daily.

Enjoy the recap video below and see what God did among us:

If you would like to be equipped to teach praise dance to children, my online course Teaching Worship Dance to Children is on sale this week. Check it out here.

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