Worshipful Choreography for Modern Dance

For the Solo Dancer or a Group

Price: $30

  • Do you need choreography for your presentation dance?
  • Do you love the beauty and emotion of modern dance?
  • Would you like to learn an entire solo that can be used with any four-four count music?
  • Would you like to have a dance ready “in your back pocket” that can be learned in a short time and will minister powerfully?
  • Would you like to learn principles for easily converting a solo dance into a dynamic group dance?

If so, these videos are for you.

In this series of videos, you will

  • Learn worshipful choreography for an entire dance to a four-four count music
  • Receive step-by-step instruction to adapt this solo choreography for a group
  • Have a dance that you or your class can use to minister with power and beauty
  • Have choreography that works for beginners and more skilled dancers alike
  • Gain ideas and movement phrases that will stimulate your creativity when choreographing other dances