Valentine’s Day Sale 60% off

Get Devotions in Motion videos for 60% off along with a chance to win a Ballet Magnificat CD.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day can be full of fun and joy, or it can feel lonely, if you don’t have a “Valentine.” I hope you know that you are loved beyond measure by the Father who treasures you.

One thing I’m working on this year is expressing my love for the Lord daily out loud and in action.  Rather than simply praying silently in my devotions, my goal is to take some time each day to sing (even though I can’t carry a tune!) and pray aloud (usually alone). Like David said, “I will sing of your strength and will joyfully proclaim your faithful love in the morning.” (Psalm 59:16) 

I have also made it my aim to take time daily to add movement to my prayer and praise. When I put my prayers in motion, my  heart engages more fully, and I think that gives Him pleasure. 

One of my favorite tools for putting my prayers in motion is the Devotions in Motion video. I can do these devotional movements while still sitting in bed, when I’m not ready to move my whole body but want to begin moving in prayer. To borrow the words a friend of mine used, it “jump starts my devotions.” 

I would love to get these videos into your hands because I think they are so useful, so I’m putting them on sale for Valentines Day at 60% off. They are video downloads, so you will have access to them within 12 hours of purchasing them. You don’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail.

These devotional dances are also really great to teach these to your children’s praise dance team or class and have them use them  as a pattern for prayer to begin class. 

They will be on sale through Saturday. To encourage you to take this opportunity to get the videos and use them, I’m adding a bonus. If you purchase these videos while on sale, I’ll enter your name in a raffle to receive a Ballet Magnificat CD of music for the ballet barre technique and center floor work

Thanks for letting me be part of your life. Have a Happy Valentines Day and enjoy the love of the Father as you express love to those He has put in your life. 

Paths to peace and productivity

Putting first things first

photo by Zach Silver, Unsplash

One thing I did feel led to take time for, while stepping away from my blog, was life coaching. Over the past year, I’ve felt frustrated that I don’t work with more clarity and direction, that when I don’t have external commitments driving my schedule, I feel aimless.

The Lord opened a door for me to have several sessions with a life coach this fall, and so I took the opportunity. My goal was simple: to develop a doable rhythm for my days and weeks that would enable me to be adequately planned for the classes I teach and have time for my family. In other words, a way of ordering my days so I do the the basics well. 

Two weeks ago, I met with my coach and evaluated the changes I had made and we both agreed that I actually had accomplished just that. I had developed a doable rhythm for my days and weeks that is enabling me to be adequately planned for teaching and have time for my family. 

Here’s what that involved: 

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I’m sorry. I ghosted. And why…

Have you heard the term “ghosted?” It’s when a friend just disappears, no explanation, no obvious reason. You just don’t hear from them. It can leave you wondering if you did something, if the friendship meant more to them than it did to you, and it can just be confusing.

I owe you an apology because I ghosted beginning in August of 2018. While I’m not making excuses, I’d like to share the story.

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Advent Solo Dance – Come Dear Savior

I love dancing at Christmas. It’s a tangible way to give a gift to the Lord and to cause me to really focus on the heart of Christmas, that God came near to us, that He gave His Son to save us.  

I’ve been on a dancing hiatus over the past five months, except alone at home (I’ll explain that in a post soon), but during Advent, I had the privilege of dancing at my home church, Missio Community Church to a song written by my dear friend, Nicole Wells.  She is one of my favorite singer-songwriters because her lyrics are rich with scripture and vivid images. I actually led a group dance to this same song years ago with a group of teens and children. You can see it here.

Here is the solo dance I shared:

Praise Dance Camp 2018 Recap

kids praise with veilsI turned fifty this month and one of the highlights of my birthday was beginning praise dance camp. I can’t think of a more joyful way to celebrate through dance.

Our theme this year was Celebrate God. While this was the smallest praise dance camp I’ve ever had, it was, perhaps the richest. I was so moved by the beauty of the children’s worship and creativity and watched the Lord touch their lives deeply.

Here is what one student shared about dance camp: Continue reading “Praise Dance Camp 2018 Recap”

If you want to know about live training in southern California

Dancing with scarves
Liturgical dancers dance to Know Me by Nicole Wells

I’m would love to meet you at a live training. My next workshop in Pasadena is scheduled for Sunday, June 3 from 1-4. I have more details coming soon.

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Resources for Praise Dance Garments and Accessories

I’m excited to share with you some of the many resources I have gathered for praise dance garments and accessories.

I will make sure to include you when emailing ideas, videos, and resources about praise dance garments and accessories. (If you have come across this page without having subscribed to my email list, you’ll want to subscribe, so you don’t miss these tips.)

I also want to share with you thirteen of my top blog posts and resources that are already available on this topic:

3 Versatile and Beautiful Patterns for Worship Garments

Prophetic Veils for Worship

Beautiful, Anointed Prophetic Worship Veils

Using Veils to Add Emotion and Beauty in Your Dance

What Should I Wear to Minister in Dance?

Begin Where You Are and Resist Criticizing

How to Use Processionals, Props, and Pageantry

Why Use Flags or Banners in Worship

DIY Worship Flags for Children

What’s the Big Deal About the Flag

What Not to Do with Worship Props

Using Billow Cloths to add Power and Beauty to your dances

Books and DVDs: Check out these books and DVDs by Lynn M. Hayden: Processionals, Props and Pageantry, Billow Cloth Beauty, Perfume of Fire, Veils and Dance, Artistic Worship, Tambr


When You are Juggling Choreography Assignments

What do you do when you are asked to choreograph but feel your plate is already full?

Is it okay to reuse choreography from a dance?

How do you take a solo dance and turn it into a group dance?

This year, while I have been far more silent on my blog than I would like, I’ve had the joy of being very active in choreographing and dancing, in teaching live classes,  leading an online study group, and choreographing for another church.

If I someone had presented me with all the assignments at once and asked me if I could take them on this year, I likely would have declined a couple of them.

However, with each opportunity that came my way, I felt the inner “yes” and went ahead, and for each assignment, I have been given what I need to complete it. More than that, I have experienced a synergy between the assignments that has been a joy and a delight.

So, I want to share my stories with you so and give you some tips that will enable you to, under the Lord’s leading, complete more than you think is possible. I also hope it will help you see how the Lord is constantly at work, weaving together the details of our lives into His larger tapestry. Continue reading “When You are Juggling Choreography Assignments”

Prophetic Veils March Study Group – FAQs

Are you considering joining the March active study group on using prophetic veils in prayer and praise? If so, I’ve created a list of FAQs to help you discern whether this group is a fit for you. I end this blog post with a choreographed prayer that I wrote and prayed using veils. Continue reading “Prophetic Veils March Study Group – FAQs”

What should I wear to minister in dance?

What should I wear to minister in dance?
Is what is appropriate for the stage appropriate for the sanctuary?
Do I need to wear layers of skirts when I dance to be holy?
I know that my dance is to be set apart for the LORD’s purposes. What does that mean for what I am to wear?

regular clothes as worship garments
My dancers and I in 2010 in our red and black clothing, simple, beautiful street clothing

When I started dancing in worship, my answers to those questions were fairly simple: I was worshiping, so I wore clothes suitable for Sunday worship, ones that were modest, flexible enough to move in, and beautiful. I shopped in regular stores when preparing for a ministry piece, choosing skirts and pants that flowed and tops that fit the color scheme I had been led to. I always kept my eye out for street clothes that could also be dance clothes.

Praise dance choreography tips using motif
Dressed for beauty and God’s glory in this gold overlay, full white skirt, with culottes underneath.

When I connected with the praise dance community and gained training, my answers changed some. Continue reading “What should I wear to minister in dance?”