Praise Dance Camp Day 3 – Sharing Leadership

Praise Offering Dance Camp day 3 reflections: There are so many benefits to giving kids the chance to lead: it gives a devoted and mature student the chance to take on a new challenge and be affirmed. For the child who has trouble focusing or who is being silly, asking them to lead can sober them up, confer on them a dignity they want to live up to, and give you the chance to express appreciation for them when they do well. For the teacher, it enables you to take a breath, to remember you aren’t the one running the show, that the Spirit is active in each of the students.

2 thoughts on “Praise Dance Camp Day 3 – Sharing Leadership”

  1. I love 💕 your anointed dances an ministry,God turned my mourning into dancing after my only son died ,an the Lord gives me dance moves in morning in my kitchen when praise music is on,I’m teaching children at my church now an I need to order some of your video so children can see an know GOD’S moves amen , hallaluha tears are coming down after I saw you worship dancing

    1. Marilyn, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m so sorry about your son. I praise God that He has comforted you and given you joy through dance. Do take a look at my children’s curriculum. I think it may be just what you are looking for. God bless you.

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