Is God tapping you on the shoulder?

canoe with prayerI used to think that prayer was about me tapping a very busy God on the shoulder and saying, “Lord, _______ is hurting. Please heal her,” or, ‘Lord, __________ is under spiritual attack. Please defend him.” But I’m learning that prayer is more about God tapping a very busy me on the shoulder and saying, “Amy, I want to heal ___________ and I want you to speak it into being.” Or, “Amy, _____________ is under spiritual attack. I’m ready to release power, and I want you to declare my victory in his life.”

When a friend and teacher, Cathy, shared this understanding of prayer with me, it changed the way I prayed. I began to see that prayer is not so much about me convincing God to act in the world as it is about me releasing the authority He has given me through Jesus to bring about His kingdom, to do the good works He stands ready to do in people’s lives.

In John 5:19,20, Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does.”

In light of this, prayer is more about listening to the Father to find out what He wants to do, and then speaking it into being. If I am willing to listen, to be attentive for that tap on the shoulder, that quiet thought that pops into my mind, for that nudging of the Spirit, I get to be the vehicle He uses to bring healing, deliverance, encouragement, provision that He wants released in someone’s life.

Listening in prayer is much more of a challenge to me than talking. Early on in my marriage, my husband admitted that he didn’t really like praying with me sometimes because I pray so long. Ouch. That hurt. My husband is much less wordy than I am in prayer. Instead, he spends more time listening to God. When he does speak, his prayers are powerful and effective.  From him, and from my friend Cathy, I’m learning to listen for what the Father is up to. Instead of telling God what I need Him to do in someone’s life, I need to listen for what He wants to do into their lives. Then I can pray with confidence, speaking into being His plans to bring about His Kingdom. Sometimes a scripture comes to my mind and I pray it for a person. Other times, I don’t hear anything specific. In those times, I can just say, “Lord, I say ‘Yes,’ to whatever you are doing in that person’s life.”

Some of you have shared specific prayer requests with me, and I am praying for you. I’m working on not just voicing my hopes for you, but listening to what the Father is doing in your life. If you would like me to pray for you, please let me know.

Thank you to those of you who are praying for the dance classes I am teaching now. I have sensed God’s Spirit at work through your prayers.

Let me know how I can pray for you.

vine and branches

 God has called me to lead a prayerful dance ministry. One of my favorite verses is John 15:5  “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

When and only when we stay close to Jesus and His word, we bear fruit in ministry and in our personal lives. That’s what I want – fruit (lives changed, Jesus’s character and love revealed) that will last.

My focus over the next month in Worship Dance Ministries is going to be teaching on prayer and on praying.

I think it’s an incredible privilege to be able to secure help from the God of the whole universe and even greater honor and responsibility to speak His will into being in the lives of others through prayer. God has given us access to all the riches of His power and authority through prayer in Jesus’ name. I love that.

I pray for you in a general way, if you have subscribed to Worship Dance Ministries. If you would like prayer for something specific, please let me know.

If you pray for me this week, please pray for God’s Spirit to work in a special way among the children to whom I’m teaching worship dance right now.

And A Child Shall Lead Them – Ten Worship Dance Lessons for Children is Completed and Available!


I’m proud and grateful to have this e-curriculum completed and available to purchase. In it, I have assembled my favorite worship dance lessons – ones that teach children the heart of worship, engage them, and equip them to worship Jesus. This book contains ten scripted lesson plans for parents, dance teachers and dance ministry leaders. In addition to the lesson plans, it includes two videos,  Building a Vocabulary of Movement and Joining the Worship of Heaven – Revelation 7 Gestures, which accompany the lessons. The biblical principals taught are foundational to worship dance, so dance teachers and dance ministry leaders can use them alongside their technique training to raise children who dance for Jesus. The movements in the book are simple, so that  parents can use them at home with their children.

Click here for a preview of selected pages:

And A Child Shall Lead Them e-book Release and Tele-seminar

To learn more about this teleseminar and see a video description, click here.

Teaching Children Worship Dance e-book coverI recently put my favorite and most impactful worship dance lessons in writing to share with others – parents, dance teachers, and those who serve in Children’s Ministry – to use to teach children how to dance as worship. This book is written as Ten ready-to-use, scripted lesson plans with pictures of dance postures and movements. So, you can use it to give children an biblical understanding or dance and to get them moving in worship.

I will be co-teaching a tele seminar based on this e-book with my friend and mentor, Jocelyn Richard. You will love Jocelyn and will go away with powerful biblical teaching and practical tools for raising up children who worship.  You will also get a copy of my e-book included with the class tuition as well as an audio copy of Jocelyn’s teaching on The Worshipful Children’s Ministry. The cost of these items alone totals more than the class tuition.

This class begins on Monday August 19 and will meet for two sessions. If the time doesn’t work for you, you can still participate, as all the sessions will be recorded. This is a gold mine of information, and I hope you will join us.

To register, click here.

Dancing with Flags from Standard of the Lord

I purchased these flags from Tasha MacPherson of Standard of the Lord worship flags. I fell in love with these flags at the Dancing for Him Conference on Anderson Island in June. The way they move is heavenly, and Tasha, who creates them is a dancer and worshiper herself. So, there is an anointing that comes from dancing with a prop inspired by the Holy Spirit.

To learn more about Standard of the Lord, click here:

Summer Worship Dance Sessions begin June 18

Summer Worship Dance Class for Children Beginning Soon


Two four-week sessions: Tuesdays, June 18-July 9; Wednesdays, July 31-August 21

In both of these classes, students will have the opportunity to:

  • learn the biblical basis for using dance and movement to worship
  • build a vocabulary of movement for worship
  • learn choreographed movement to worship songs
  • experiment with props such as streamers, scarves and flags in worship.
  • get exercise, strengthen their muscles, practice following directions, build Christ-centered friendships and have FUN!

Session One: Tuesdays, June 18-July 9 – Dancing the Scriptures

The bible is full of movement, and God’s word comes alive to us when we dance to it. This four week class will be a fun way to make the scriptures come alive for children, to help them hide the scriptures in their hearts, and to see how much their God loves movement.  We’ll put scripture to movement – using expressive sign as well as flags, streamers and scarves, we’ll embody the scriptures using dance.

Session Two: Wednesdays, July 31-August 21 – Dancing before the Lord

The bible says that God is looking for worshippers who worship in Spirit and in Truth. This class will focus on the heart of worship – devotion to Jesus. Children will learn how much the Lord delights in their worship and how powerful a child’s worship can be to advance the Kingdom of God. Children will use expressive sign and props to create movement phrases that express their own love for Jesus.

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Join Me for Dancing for Him Dance Conference on Anderson Island, WA — June 21-22, 2013


I am so excited to attend this dance conference. Dancing for Him is an internationally recognized dance ministry that has helped me grow as a dancer and a dance ministry leader. I have been watching for one of their conferences to be held on the west coast for over a year. This is an incredible opportunity to both be equipped as a worship dancer and to enjoy a spiritual retreat. Continue reading “Join Me for Dancing for Him Dance Conference on Anderson Island, WA — June 21-22, 2013”

Spring Worship Dance Class Wednesdays, Beginning April 3

purple prayer circle

Psalm 8:2 “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies.”

Worship Dance classes allow students to:

• learn the biblical basis for using dance and movement to worship
• build a vocabulary of movement for worship
• learn a choreographed dance to a worship song
• experiment with props such as streamers, scarves and flags in worship
• minister to others by presenting their dance at an Assisted Living Facility
• get exercise, strengthen their muscles, practice following directions, build Christ-centered friendships and have FUN!

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Movement and Dance in Worship Workshops

Know Me 18

Romans 12:1 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. This is your reasonable service.”

Workshops for Women cover:

  • the biblical basis for dance
  • props and pageantry in worship using expressive sign language to tell God’s stories
  • the heart of the worshipper
  • the power of dance to minister
  • using movement as an expression of your private devotion to Jesus

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