Stewarding a Prophetic Message


caution with brandingWhen we minister, we want to bring a word from the Lord.  If I am dancing, I’m not looking to hear people say, “Oh that’s so pretty,”  or , “You’re so graceful.” I cringe if that is the only response I receive after ministering through dance. What I really want and am praying for is that they would hear from the Lord when I dance. His words to them will bring life, it will change them.

In I Peter 4:11 Peter writes,If any man speak, let him speak as if speaking the very words of God.” That’s God’s desire for us, to speak His word; however, any of us who claims to bring a word from the Lord needs to do this soberly. In the book of Jeremiah, the Lord  rails against the false prophets of Jeremiah’s time. We need to be careful, if we think we bring a word from the Lord. A false prophet misrepresents the Lord. They look to please people, but instead lead them astray, inviting God’s wrath.  That’s what most of the prophets in Jeremiah’s time were doing.  So how do we make sure that we aren’t just doing, being false prophets?  This audio gives warnings and encouragements to those who feel called to bring a prophetic message to others. Please excuse the abrupt start to the recording.

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