What Every Worship Dancer Needs to Know about Worshiping with Flags

The Awakening Passion DVD contains teaching and an activation intended to drive out the enemy’s work in our lives, freeing us to experience the Father’s love so that our passions are awakened for what He desires to do in our lives. Pastor Lynn begins by teaching the biblical definition of a wave offering and the significance of colors in scripture and inviting us to experience the Father’s love. Then, we witness a live activation in which participants process under a tunnel of flags, receiving powerful ministry. The activation offers both an opportunity for us to receive ministry as well as an example of an activity we can use in our ministry. Continue reading “What Every Worship Dancer Needs to Know about Worshiping with Flags”

Build Your Worship Vocabulary for Flags

worship flags DVD cover

“There is so much more you can do with flags than to wave or twirl them in a certain way.” On the Perfume of Fire DVD, Pastor Lynn Hayden teaches how to use flags expressively to create worship words and worship phrases. She demonstrates group several group activities you can use in a ministry time or workshop. Then she finishes by teaching a worship dance with flags that you can use in ministry.

Read on to read three things I loved about this DVD and to see a 5 minute video teaching I created from the DVD’s teaching. (You can purchase it on my store. Continue reading “Build Your Worship Vocabulary for Flags”