Perfume of Fire DVD

worship flags DVD coverPrice: $26

Product Description:

You’ll absolutely love this DVD!!

It is full of 1 Hour and 58 minutes of flag ideas as well as an entire processional/ministry dance. 

The Flag portion has lots of creative ideas that you can do with flags including an entire expressive vocabulary!

The dance is repeated several times from different angles, so you’re sure to get the whole thing. It can be done to any slow 4/4 time music and is perfect for Easter/Christmas productions. 

  • In depth scriptural teaching about flags
  • Warfare and flags
  • Flags done to scripture
  • Flag vocabulary
  • And more…

Order yours today!!

People who like this, also like the Processionals, Props, and Pageantry book that goes hand in hand with this video.

For even more ideas, be sure to get the Billow Cloth Beauty and Expressive Worship and Sign II DVD’s, as they will expand your prop use vocabulary.

The music played on this DVD may be found in the music section of this book store. Be sure to get “Experiencing the Latter Rain” CD. You’ll love it!

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