Improving Technique: Modern Dance at home

modern dance technique trainingAre you taking any dance classes right now? If not, I encourage you to, and if you don’t feel you can, I share a super affordable resource for improving your training at home.

As worship dancer said at a workshop I attended, Get training so that your body doesn’t get in the way of what your spirit wants to say.

Jocelyn Richard, my mentor, always encourages her students invest in their training, to take live classes in the studio. This week, I took a modern dance class where I met another sister who has been mentored by Jocelyn, Jennifer Oliver. We took the picture below for Jocelyn, to let her know we were together and were investing in our training. We wanted to make her proud.

I’ve been taking another modern dance class on Saturdays for the past couple of years. You’ve probably heard me share about how challenging this class is. The other students are way above my level, enough so that I often have to talk myself into going (Read my story about this class When is it Okay to Give Up? If you need encouragement.) Even though I often feel super clumsy in class, I can see a big difference in my technique. Pastor Lynn noticed it at the last conference I attended with her. There is nothing like being in a live class where you get stretched beyond your comfort level and receive correction.

Having said that, few of us have the time or resources to take as many live classes as we would like to. We are mothers with kids at home, or we work full time, or we are busy with our own dance ministries. And live classes are expensive. They’re worth it, but you still have to have the money in the bank to write the check. So, most of us don’t take as many classes as we’d like.

So, today, I want to share with you three free video tutorials and a DVD that you can use at home.

These tutorials come from some of my favorite DVD’s, the Modern Dance I and II DVD’s by Lynn Hayden. I love modern dance. While ballet is invaluable for improving our technique, modern dance is still my favorite for praise dance. It’s emotive, earthy, flexible, and beautiful.

I use these DVDs just about every week to get in an extra dance class or two. Using them regularly, I have broadened my movement vocabulary, grown in my technique, and become more flexible and stronger. For the price of one DVD, I have a weekly dance class at my fingertips. I can take it at my own pace, go faster or slower than the DVD on any given day. It has given me an incredible return on my investment.

I share these tutorials with you to give you a taste of what is on the DVDs.

Here is my newest tutorial: Stretching on the Floor. The first part comes directly from the Modern Dance I DVD and the second part I added movements that I’ve learned taking live classes.

(Important Disclaimer:  I recommend you make sure you have a physician’s clearing before undertaking any new exercise routine.)

Stretching on the Floor

In the second, you’ll learn the Hip-Joint opener. It’s actually a very worshipful sequence as well. I love teaching this in my children’s classes.

Finally, here is a ronde de jambe sequence. It’s also very worshipful and emotive. It was taken straight from the Modern Dance II DVD. It’s a bit more advanced.

You can use the tutorials alone, but for an overall workout, you’ll want to get the DVDs. If you’re new to formal dance training, I recommend Modern Dance I. Use that for three to six months, and then begin with Modern Dance II. If you’ve already got dance training, start with Modern Dance II. Use it weekly to give yourself the gift of an extra weekly dance class.

I hope you enjoyed this. Please join in the discussion by responding in the comments.

Have you taken a live class recently?

What has been the biggest benefit to you?

What obstacles are keeping you from investing in your training? Write them out so we can encourage you.

Do you have a testimony of a time when you invested in your training and it paid out beyond what you expected? Please share it.

Bonus question? Can you guess the order in which these DVDs were made? They were made over the course of three years. I think you can see how my technique has grown by looking at these videos.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.


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