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This brand new Modern Dance II/Movement Vocabulary video is designed for the intermediate with some dance experience. Professionally edited, this is great for the worshipper who wants some body movement ideas learned through modern/contemporary dance.

With a foundation in Martha Graham technique, Lynn, with nearly 50 years dance experience, has developed her own worship style that will enhance your choreography ideas. Once you practice some of this intermediate movement vocabulary, you’ll be well on your way to having the necessary tools for creating your own dances!

You won’t have to try and find an adult modern dance class in your city. This class can be taken right in your living room or with your dance team in a fellowship hall, and is easy to learn, follow, and flow.

It is designed so you may select any of the numerous chapters. There is a teaching segment for each exercise. Once you have watched, listened and understood the instructions, you may simply click right to the exercises, giving you a great workout and established movement vocabulary.

It is recommended that you practice the Modern Dance I DVD first, to be familiar with the exercises. Modern Dance II contains some similar exercises, however goes into more depth. There are expanded versions of some exercises found in Modern I and some all new exercises as well.

It contains:

  • Standing Warm-Up
  • Floor Stretches and exercises
  • Abdominal Work (Contractions)
  • Spiral Series Intermediate
  • Standing Exercises
  • Triplet w/turn demo
  •  Across The Floor Technique (w/leaps and turns)

(1 Hr. 30 Min.)

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