Prophetic Dance: When and Where?

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When and where is it appropriate to minister through prophetic dance?

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Every time we are ministering through dance, having prayed over the dance and received inspiration from the Holy Spirit about what to do and how to do it, our dance is prophetic. In addressing the question above today, however, I’ll focus on the aspect of prophetic dance in which we direct our focus to individuals, bringing a word from the Father to them. We make eye contact with these people and deliver a message through movement especially for them. To minister through prophetic dance in this way, we need permission both from the leadership and from the person.

When ministering through prophetic dance, we need overt permission from the leadership. This can happen in a worship service when the pastor has planned for a time of ministry, perhaps taught on prophecy and explained how a prophetic word can be delivered through movement, and invites people to come forward to receive ministry. It can happen at a workshop or conference during a time specified for prophetic dance and ministry. Again, it should be preceded by teaching on prophecy and receiving this ministry through dance.

Prophetic dance to a congregation or group can happen in the midst of a worship service or concert. In that case, no one person is on the spot. We can make eye contact with individuals, make brief contact with individuals to deliver a movement of encouragement or release, but we don’t stop and single anyone out. An example of this in the “Come and Be Healed” dance from the Veils and Dance! DVD. People receive ministry, but we are not calling anyone out, exposing their hearts or needs.

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The keys for ministering through prophetic dance are that there is proper teaching and training in place, the blessing of the leadership to prepare the way, and we have people who are willing to receive this intimate form of ministry.


In this 4 minute video, I share the basis for prophetic dance and then deliver a word through movement that I received last year, a word of encouragement and hope as well as intercession, for believers who are suffering in the Middle East right now.

I hope this blesses and encourages you.

If you’d like to learn more about prophetic dance, take a look at the Prophetic Dance Book and Prophetic Dance DVD by Lynn Hayden, of Dancing for Him.

I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments.

Does your pastor or leader make space for prophetic dance in the worship service?

If not, in what context have you had the opportunity to deliver a word from the Lord through movement? 

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    1. These are some fantastic resources for using props and cultivating a heart of obedience/worship when we dance:
      Processionals, Props, and Pageantry book
      Perfume of Fire DVD
      Dancing for Him book
      They can all be found here:
      My online class Teaching Worship Dance to Children is actually really good for both adults and children. It can be found here:
      Bless you!

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