Veils and Dance! Video Download


Veils in worship dance DVD

Price: $20

Product Description:

Would you like some beautiful ideas using veils?

Would you like to add veils to your choreography?

Would you love to learn a dynamic contemporary dance piece?

Would you love some ideas for dance choreography with veils?

Then this video is for you!

Veils & Dance! is divided up into two parts:

Veils – Including…

Veil Basics

Lots of Movement Ideas for Veils with Solos, Duets and Trios

Movement Ideas for Veils with Larger Groups

Dance Composition Ideas with Veils

Dance! – Including…

Concert Presentation of the Entire Dance, “Come and Be Healed”

Breaking Down the Dance, Step by Step

Talking Through the Dance With Music

Talking Through the Entire Dance Step by Step Without Music

Another Presentation

Bonus Clips – Partial Presentation With Workshop Participants

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