Prophetic Dance Book

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Prophetic Dance – Book Product Description:

This new book is exactly what you need to learn about the subject. Lynn shares candidly her experiences: from being petrified the first time; to watching many healings; to greater understanding; and finally sharing some activation exercises.

This is a tool not only to expose and demystify prophetic dance, but also to give you some step by step exercises. These will help you learn how to express the Father’s heart through word, song, & dance.

Some of the exercises include:

  • Ministering to individuals
  • Prophetic dance with instrumental music
  • Prophesying to a congregation
  • Change Awareness
  • Active Word Study
  • Movement through the Word
  • Advanced Challenge
  • Also ~ While writing, the Lord gave Pastor Lynn a timely prophetic word that will surely speak directly to some hearts.

This book is designed for the worshipper, worship dancer, or leader who is interested in either being activated (learn by doing) themselves, or leading others into a deeper understanding of prophetic movement.

God’s power is so intense, that when it touches our human heart, we become radically different. As we become visually manifested representations of the voice of the Lord, interpretive dance movements, done to prophetic music, can be the vehicle through which people will receive His power and be transformed forever.

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Be sure to get the DVD Prophetic Dance. You’ll find the visual examples extremely helpful.

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