Teaching Children to Use Props with a Purpose (3 of 5)

worship props with a purpose

worship props with a purposeThis is the third in a five part series on how to help children who love to dance to worship when they dance.

In this lesson, I’m going to answer these questions:

How do you help children use props with a purpose?

How do you help children see props as worship tools and not as toys?

In this episode, I’m going to share two important topics you need to teach children that will help them be more focused and powerful worshipers when they dance with props.

As I’ve said before, while I’m talking specifically about children because these activities work so well with children, these activities will also be helpful with adults and teens.

Watch this 11 minute video and to learn how to help children move beyond playing with props to use them powerfully with purpose.


Here’s 2-minute live clip in which I use a billow cloth in worship dance class. I teach from Revelation 22 and help the children to see how the billow cloth can be used for worship and for healing.



•Write a 100-200 word paragraph sharing what you learned from these videos and sharing how they can impact your dance ministry. Email this to me.

I’d love to hear from you. Please take time to share in the comments.

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Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your life and ministry.

Watch the next video on How to Help Children Build a Vocabulary of Worship Movements Using Sign.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Children to Use Props with a Purpose (3 of 5)”

  1. Hello Amy. I’m such a long time dancer, that I’ve noticed two complete different dimensions of the “dance world”. There’s the physical dance world and the spiritual dance world. And the way the two interact. When dance is used in a secular way, like “the world”, it doesn’t have any meaning to it. If dance is used in holiness, it brings dance so much more to life and has so much meaning.

    I also love watching you teach your kids. You’re very good at it. I’m so thankful God has led me to you. Thank you so much for all you do for God’s glory and His Kingdom.

    1. Hi Carrie,

      Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve seen dance used in a non-religious way that is beautiful and meaningful, but when the Creator is invited into the whole process He ads His life and fullness. Being a long time dancer, you bring something unique and needed in the Christian dance community, your expertise in the art of dance. What a powerful combination to be a skilled and experienced artist who is yielded to the Spirit. I pray blessing on you.

      Thanks for your encouragement. I love teaching the children. I’m not teaching a class right now and I miss it!

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