Processionals, Props, and Pageantry

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Product Description:

Processionals, Props, & Pageantry is an extremely comprehensive guide about the subjects. Each section, respectively, is divided into two parts:

  • Scriptural Significance
  • Practical Guide

These sections will not only help you have a greater scriptural understanding, but also give you innumerable practical ideas to help with your arts ministry presentations.

If you always wanted to know…this is your answer. The chapter titles include:

  • Care To Go for A Walk?
    A scriptural look at processionals
  • Let’s Have A Feast!
    How feasts mentioned in the Word relate to dance
  • Prayer, Planning, & Practice (with diagrams)
    Nuts & bolts of putting dances together
  • Positioning and Patterns (with illustrations)
    Great ideas for placement and movement on the floor
  • What’s In The Hand Is Worth…A Lot
    Scriptural significance of flags in ministry
  • His Banner
    Utilizing flags and banners
  • Prop Incorporation
    Practical prop use
  • Mishap or Happy
    Mistakes to avoid with good tips
  • God Loves Color! (With a full color significance chart)
    Scriptural significance of color in the Word
  • Faith In A “Material” World
    Fabric used in the prophetic arts
  • Creative Costuming
    Practical costume ideas
  • Ministry Palette
    Arts in ministry


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