Why Use Flags or Banners in Worship?

worship flags scriptureWhat is the point of using flags or banners in worship?

Does the bible say anything about worshiping with flags?

Are flags a distraction, drawing people’s attention to the dancer when they should be worshiping?

Have you asked or been asked any of these questions? If so, read on to learn how flags were used in scripture and four important ways you can use them in spiritual warfare and ministry in worship.

In Processionals, Props and Pageantry, Pastor Lynn Hayden talks about the scriptural significance of banners. Scripture uses the words, banner, ensign, flag and standard. All of these are used in reference to warfare and, you will see, are relevant to our worship. Watch this 9-minute video to learn how.

Thanks so much for joining me today. Please join the discussion.

Why do you use flags or banners in worship?

What you have seen the Lord do when you have worshiped with flags?

Did this video raise any questions for you?

I’d love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “Why Use Flags or Banners in Worship?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. The Bible references are great and your dancing beautiful.
    I find the way you end the dance somewhat bleak. Sorry just an opinion I wanted to share.
    I would be interested to hear about that spiritual warfare in the home and what worship did to fight that.

    1. Hi Katie. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and comment and share feedback. I was taken aback by your remark, so it make me think. I looked up bleak in the dictionary even – bare, desolate, cold, piercing, raw, without hope, depressing, dreary. Wow, that is definitely not what I would want to communicate in a dance, so it gave me pause. I can see what you mean, though. What that movement at the end was to me was an expression of being covered in the blood of Jesus and resting in his sacrifice alone. But with the lighting in the room (which is dreary) and the lying down, I can see why you responded that way. Being covered in His blood should set us free, not weigh us down. Thanks for sharing your honest feedback.

  2. This is one more way of people getting the attention they need,need to be seen,I can not appreciate flag worship ,it’s extremely distracting to me,it certainly takes my mind to the performance of the arts,I am not a fan.When I was coming up there was nothing like this in my church.My opinion.God bless you.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It’s true, this wonderful tool wasn’t widely used in previous generations. I would say that the Lord is taking back the arts to use for His glory. It’s certainly possible for a dancer to have a heart that craves attention. We always need to check our hearts. Thank you for sharing your experience. I pray the Lord blesses you as you worship and helps you to keep your focus on Him.

    2. I agree, it’s distracting and you have to twist the uses of banners and such in Scripture to think it should be done in worship, thus way. Warfare is to know the Scripture and divide it rightly to humble yourself prayerfully and resist the devil in your conduct. Fruits of the Spirit, not everyone picking up cloth and twirling it around. Banners are not giving anyone special spiritual warfare advantage. Know the Scriptures and do not take them out of context.

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