Dance Technique Training Resources

Proverbs 22:9I’m thrilled that you want to know more about improving your technique.  I danced in church for many, many years before I took the time to invest in my technique. At age 43, I said to the Lord, “Lord, I think I need to either grow as a dancer or leave the dancing to the younger girls.” He responded by reminding me that dancing in worship is something I will be doing for eternity. So, in light of eternity, 43 was not too late to begin. This prayer was followed by many open doors for me to get training to help me to grow as a dancer. I am not the expert on technique; however, I’m an eager student, which makes me a great person to share resources on this topic.

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I also want to share with you ten of my top blog posts and resources that are already available on this topic:

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Improving Technique: Ballet at Home – Ballet I DVD

Improving Technique: Ballet at Home – Ballet II DVD

Improving Technique: Ballet at Home – Ballet II DVD

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