Dance, Dance, Dance! Book

Dance Dance Dance book photoPrice: $16

Product Description:

This scripturally based handbook, although not an exhaustive exegesis, is designed to give an overview of the many valuable English, Hebrew, and Greek words (found in the Bible) that relate to movement or dance.

It is a comprehensive compilation of those words, their scripture locator words and their definitions.

It also has over 300 related scriptures written out.

  • It is important for all of us, who are called to the dance ministry, to have a greater scriptural understanding of what we are doing when we dance before the Lord.
  • However, anyone who has an interest or curiosity about movement ministry, would benefit from this valuable resource!
  • Now in larger print, it is easier to read and with the new index, is easier to find the words you need!

This is definitely the book that every worshipper should have. Get one for yourself, one for your Pastor, and one for each of your team members.


You’ll definitely want the corresponding, supplemental video/DVD with the same name…Check it out!!!

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