Pasadena Workshop Recap

Pasadena dance workshop recap

Pasadena dance workshop recapThanks to all of you who prayed for the Devotions in Motion Workshop this past Sunday. We had a wonderful time. God brought a beautiful group of women who had a heart for worship. It was a small group – perhaps because it was a Sunday, perhaps for other reasons. But it enabled an intimacy that was beautiful and also allowed us to learn an entire group dance.

Here are some testimonials:

Thank you so much for a beautiful, spirit-filled afternoon.  The video was lovely. Pretty amazing for a 3 hour workshop. Thanks again.  God bless you for your inspiration and teaching. – Nancy

I really loved the dance. I like the way you gave choreography but helped us choreograph too. I liked the help on choreography on terms. This will help me!!! – Christie

(I appreciated) experiencing the ministry of the spirit through the dance and dancing it together, seeing how God brings a dance together in its beauty. – Tracy

Enjoy the recap video and join us next time.


4 thoughts on “Pasadena Workshop Recap”

  1. Lovely as always Sis.

    Did u have mirrored wall in this locale? Is it a church?

    Trying to figure the overlay pattern I’ve seen u in: around neck. Pink with gold trim you used for the blessing.

    1. Hi Diane. Thank you! Yes, there is one mirrored wall. It’s not so good for taking photos, so you don’t see it. It’s called Magnolia Dance Space, and is a dance studio here in town. The pink overlay you see is actually just a very large rectangular piece of fabric that is tied as a wrap. Can’t think just right now where I purchased it, but if you email me to remind me, I can research it and let you know. Blessings!

  2. Really nice , Amy. It looked do professional, so spirit filled. Thanks for sharing it with me!
    Would love to have been there.
    Beverly Powell

    1. Would love to have had you there. Would love to attend any workshop or conference with you, Beverly. One day. If not, we’ll surely dance together in heaven.

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