Expressive Worship and Dance – Melt My Heart – DVD

Expressive Worship and Dance DVD coverPrice: $26

DVD Product Description:

Would you like to express your worship and minister through dance?

Would you love to learn some choreography that will bypass the mind of the viewer and go directly to their heart?

Would you like some fresh and creative movement ideas?

Join Lynn Hayden as she presents and teaches the lovely ministry dance, Melt My Heart.

After it is presented in a church, it is viewed in many different ways:

  • Lynn teaching the dance, broken down step by step
  • Working with the group and breaking down the dance part by part
  • Showing the dance with the group from the back
  • Viewing it during earlier practices to see it from a better angle
  • There is information at the end of the DVD about where you may purchase the music.

Expressive Worship and Dance is the DVD that you’ve been asking for and certainly the one you’ve wanted.

You’ll absolutely love this one! Order yours today!!

People who like this also appreciate Expressive Worship and Sign I and II DVD’s.

For more information about Choreography, be sure to get Lynn’s book, “Divine Choreography”.

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