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This is the resource that you really need! It contains teachings, and demonstrations designed to help not only those who are just starting dance in their church, but it also has fresh ideas for those who are more seasoned. As Lynn Hayden lectures and demonstrates, it contains lots of practical teaching. Additionally, there are some awesome, corresponding movement clips. Divided into several sections, some of the topics include:

  • What Do I Do With My Hands?
  • Expressive Sign Language with
    Many Words Demonstrated Multiple Ways!
  • Word Combining
  • Movement Vocabulary
  • Creative Group Shapes
  • What Do I Do With My Feet?
  • Expressive Worship Dance (with music)
  • And More…

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The Sign Language Alphabet

All 26 letters of the alphabet are quickly shown up close, so you may learn more effectively.

Expressive Sign Words

Containing many sign language words found in common worship songs, along with their expressive counterparts, this professional video has enough information to tremendously help anyone get started or enhance their worship dance experience.

Expand your movement vocabulary!

Word Combining

Glean from Lynn’s many years of experience and knowledge as she not only explains these words, but also shows an exercise (excerpts from a workshop) she fondly calls “Echo”. In this exercise, you’ll see how one group creatively combines 4 counts of 8, of one word, with another group that demonstrates 4 counts of 8 with a different word. Each group “echoes” back and forth 4X demonstrating their respective words in a different way each time.Lots of inspiring ideas here to add to your dances…

Group Shape

Get creative ideas from a “Group Shape” exercise. In this exercise, each workshop participant was assigned a word with which to move expressively. They were each to come up with a phrase that contains that word and then do it while moving forward into a giant group shape.

Expressive Worship Dance

Finally, Lynn breaks down an entire Expressive Worship Dance. It is divided up into:

  • A sign language part
  • An expressive worship part &
  • A dance partShe puts it all together and then it is demonstrated (with music) during a small workshop, where the participants had just learned the dance in about an hour.You can easily learn and do this dance too!

Make your expressive worship and sign movements come alive with creativity!

This will give you many fresh ideas and tips to help you on your way to beautiful worship offerings for our Lord!

Order yours today!!

Running Time ~ 53 Minutes

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