Using Billow Cloths to add Power and Beauty to your dances

billow cloths in worship
Using billow cloths in a Pentecost ministry dance.

Have you ever seen those beautiful billow cloths and wondered how to use them?

Do you want some creative ideas for their use?

Would you like to learn the mechanics of using them in a step by step fashion?

The Billow Cloths DVD by Lynn Hayden of Dancing for Him ministries will teach you all of these things.

I have used the teaching from this video in dance workshops, in ministry presentations, and in classes I teach to children. Billow cloths add so much in each environment. The beauty of the moving fabric, the sound of the cloth moving the air, and even the feel of the moving air all work together to create a worship experience full of power and wonder.

Watch this 5 minute tutorial I teach a segment from the DVD with a partner and with a child and also give you a glimpse into how we used the billows in a powerful way in our ministry dance.



In this dvd, Pastor Lynn teaches how to use billow cloths in worship experiences and ministry presentations.  She begins by explaining that when you wave your hand or wave a flag or billow cloth, you are creating a wave offering. A wave offering, or tenuphaw (the Hebrew word found in scripture), is a perfume of fire that drives out the enemy. So, not only are the  billow cloths beautiful, but they carry meaning and are effective in ministry.

Next, Pastor Lynn goes on to teach and demonstrate many activities that can be done with 2 or 4 or more people with the billow cloths. She teaches how to hold the cloth so they don’t fly out of your hand, how to make them billow, how to create a mushroom, to trade places, and how to do what she calls the”kiss.” These basics, then, can be used in larger groups with two or more cloths to create more elaborate and beautiful movements. In addition, she teaches several creative ways to enter and exit with the billow cloths.

There is also a lovely worship time at the end incorporating billow banners. She also incorporates dancers and some flags.

You’ll get many wonderful and helpful ideas in the professionally produced and edited 52 minute DVD.

Order yours today!

Price: $26

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