Calling Your Team to Worship and Minister (1 of 5)

sharing your dance vision

sharing your dance visionHow do you help children who love to dance to truly worship when they dance?

How do you get through to their hearts to establish a mindset for ministry?

How do you help them get beyond their self consciousness to truly worship?

How  do you help them use  props with a purpose, to use them as tools and not as toys?

How do you strengthen their ability to lead and choreograph?

How do you encourage them to worship in private, so their dance flows from their own relationship with the Lord?

I’ve been asked these questions. I’ve asked them myself.

Answering these questions is my passion, and God has enabled me to teach worship dance to children in a way that touches their hearts and enables them to touch the Lord’s heart and the hearts of those before whom they dance.

Even though I’m talking about children and my lessons were written with children in mind, all of this applies to adults as well. So if you are leading a team of adults or teens, this will help you as well. All of the principles apply.

In today’s video, I will talk about calling your team to worship and minister. I’ll share two things that are critical to do with your team, whether children or adults, to establish a mindset, heart, and habits necessary for ministry.

In this 10 minute video, I’ll share about a time when I did not do these two things, what happened, and what I learned. Then I’ll share these two keys to calling your team to worship and minister.

Here’s a copy of our dancer’s covenant:

WDM Dancer Covenant









In 1-3 sentences, write out the vision God has given you for dance ministry. While you may have a long form of this vision, with details from the Lord, for this purpose, you want to make it concise. Write in 1-3 sentences what you believe God wants to accomplish when you dance before people. You want to be able to state this simply and memorably to the children with whom you work. Email this to me and post it on the private Facebook page.

•Write up a dancer’s covenant with the specific commitments you want the children on your team to make to prepare for ministry. Email this to me and post it on the private Facebook page.

kids praise dance lessonsFor those of you who don’t yet have my children’s worship dance curriculum. It will help you learn more about equipping children to have a biblical understanding of dance  to know how to use props, and to have a vocabulary of worship movements.  So, take a look at  “And a  Child Shall  Lead Them – Ten Worship Dance Lessons for Children. It contains the principles for worship dance that every child needs to know to minister effectively.

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Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life and ministry.

Your next lesson is Helping Children to Worship from the Heart and Worship Spontaneously.

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