Devotion in Motion Workshop – Pasadena, CA

devotions in motion workshop pasadena

Sunday, June 14, 2015

devotions in motion workshop pasadenaCome, prepare for worship

•Do you have a longing to worship the Lord in private?

•Do you want ever sense the Lord calling you to dance in the morning but struggle to get moving?

•Would you like to expand your movement vocabulary for your private worship?

•Would you like to increase your movement vocabulary and your dance technique?

•Would you like to learn simple techniques to add creativity and interest to your choreographed dances?

•Would you like to build friendships with other worship dancers in the area?

Then, this workshop is for you.

In his book, the Worshiping Bride, Wesley Scott Amos writes, “Who is the prepared worshiper? ‘He who has clean hands and a clean heart.’ (Psalm 24: ) The true worshiper has worshiped throughout the week.” (p. 65)

The focus of this workshop will be preparing our hearts, minds, and bodies for worship.  At the workshop you will:

•Learn a pattern for devotional prayer

•Learn devotional dances you can use at home in private worship movement

•Increase your movement vocabulary and strengthen your body by taking a beginner level Modern Dance class

•Experiment with group choreography techniques that will help you

  • develop leadership,
  • stimulate creativity, and
  • encourage spontaneous worship dance

•Learn a choreographed dance for your private devotions that can also be used as a solo or dynamic group dance for ministry. (Dance choreographed by Lynn Hayden, of Dancing for Him Ministries)

•Receive from and extend ministry to others through movement

When: Sunday, June 14, 2015, 1:30-5:00

Where: Magnolia Dance Space, 4 Esther Street, Pasadena, CA

Who: Taught by Amy Tang

Cost: $25 if registered by June 1, $30 online after June 1, $35 at the door.
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Terms Please Read.

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