Worship Expressions and the Solo Dancer DVD

gestures for worship dance

 Price: $26

Product Description:

  • Would you like to expand your movement vocabulary?
  • Do you want movement ideas to phrases found in worship songs?
  • Have you gotten stuck before on certain song phrases and wondered how to move to them?
  • Are you someone who needs some ideas for solo dancing for the Lord?
  • How about obtaining some ideas for group dynamics to make your dances more interesting?
  • Would you like some new choreography ideas?

Then this DVD is for you!

This complete video has a myriad of movement ideas to word phrases found in common worship songs. You’ve been asking for moves and this one has them! It is divided into three main segments…


It has a beautifully choreographed dance that is:

Demonstrated with music, from the front

Broken down step by step (shown from the back for easy learning)

Demonstrated with music from the back

Demonstrated with music from a different angle


Demonstrated to help you improve your ministry before the Lord


There are many movements demonstrated to word phrases, found in worship songs

Then combined with dance composition to add interest and depth to your movement


It also has some bonus material demonstrating the words and phrases in groups, for added benefit. Even though Pastor Lynn mentions on the video that this DVD is for the solo dancer, there really are a lot of worship expressions that give you creative ideas for teams as well. So, there is something for everyone!

This is the one for which you’ve been waiting. This is the one about which you’ve been asking. Get yours today. You’ll be glad you did!

Running Time: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes

 Price: $26

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