Sharpen Your Tools – Complementary Seminar tonight

Proverbs 22:9There are two sides to worship dance: 

There is the intimate side of worshiping God through movement for the joy of it and to express love to Him.

And there is the more public side of leading others in worship and dancing in ministry, using the art of dance to to bring God’s message to people.

For the first aspect of worship dance, training is not necessary. It can enhance our joy in worshiping Jesus, but anyone can worship, regardless of their training. God gave us all bodies and He is pleased when we use them to express our love and commitment to Him.

For the second aspect of worship dance, training is important. It enables us to better communicate God’s word. It allows us to hold the attention of those to whom we hope to minister so that they can receive the message we have. And it gives us credibility which opens the door to serve.

Jocelyn Richard and the Certification Program
Jocelyn teaching at one of the live training seminars.

Today I want to share about a very valuable way to get training, to grow more skillful in the art of dance, more knowledgeable in the bible, and more wise in business so that your impact is greater. Continue reading “Sharpen Your Tools – Complementary Seminar tonight”