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This video is a slightly more advanced workout that will challenge your balance, strength, and flexibility. Lynn Hayden’s gentle teaching style will encourage you to reach new fitness levels for vast physical improvement and well being. Activity like this done on a regular basis will:

  • Give you a better sense of well-being
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve physical awareness
  • Improve breathing patterns
  • Even help reduce stress (among other things)

The benefits of regular exercise are nearly limitless.

After a seated warm up called Bend, Twist, Pose, and Hold, Lynn takes you through a series of intense balancing poses, strength moves & stretches sure to make you glisten with healthy sweat!

Followed by an invigorating series of more floor poses and stretches, Lynn will then help you relax with a soothing stress reduction technique, followed by a prayerful blessing.

This video has been noted as a wonderful alternative to yoga. If you like the physiological benefits of this form of exercise, but do not want any new age overtones, then this Christian, “yoga-like” substitute is for you! It makes a great witnessing tool for those you know who are lost in “New Age” thoughts and practices!

Be sure to see (after the credits) the helpful information about breathing.

Improve your overall health today with Strength & Balance!

You’ll definitely want the preceding related videos called: “Stretch & Adoration” and “Balance & Stretch”.

Running Time 54 Minutes

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