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Pilates beginner/intermediate DVD
Price: $20

Product Description:

Here is a video that you’ll definitely want to strengthen your body for worship dance (or any physical activity)! The benefits are wonderful and numerous. To name a few:

“The controlled breathing purifies the body, reduces stress and builds endurance. Core strength is one of the most important benefits of doing Pilates exercise, Because all movement emanates from the core. If the core is strong, the appendages can move without undue stress on the spine. A strong core also helps to improve balance and coordination. Pilates helps to strengthen opposing muscle groups. This leads to overall improved flexibility. The whole body functions more efficiently. Pilate’s exercises also improve kinesthetic awareness, which helps a person to know where their body is in space. Spatial awareness and core control help to improve the performance of everyday activities, prevent injuries and facilitate rehabilitation.” 1

Part 1 shows Lynn coaching one of her students through several of the exercises. These are slightly more advanced moves to give you a better foundation and marked improvement with proper technique. Demonstrating proper form and modifications of the exercises, she breaks it down, shows the do’s and don’ts as well as proper breathing and body alignment.

Part 2 shows Lynn coaching her student through the entire workout – nonstop. Do it along with her for a great workout!

Be sure to watch part 1 a couple of times before attempting part 2, so you’ll have a better understanding of how to execute the exercises properly.

Let Lynn be your own personal trainer by doing this express workout 3-4x/week!

This video is a beginner/intermediate routine that will establish you with a “firm” foundation.

Run time: 1:04

This 3-minute video by Amy Tang demonstrates one of the exercises in Pastor Lynn’s video.

It is strongly recommended that you watch and practice the Preliminary Pilates Alternative video – Basic first, before attempting this more intermediate workout, unless you’ve already had Pilates classes and are familiar with their execution.

Bonus feature: A beautiful worship dance to songs by Julie Meyer and Anna Blank called, “Unto the Lamb” and “Beautiful.” Get lots of movement ideas from this one!

Order your copy today and start feeling great!

People who like this, also love the “Stretch And Adoration” video, to improve flexibility.

Check with your doctor before beginning any physical activity. Purchasing this video is your agreement to release DFH Ministries and Worship Dance Ministries of any liability. You are solely responsible for your own health and well being.

Price: $20

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