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Teach Children to Worship wholeheartedly when they dance.

As a gift to new subscribers, I offer this package of my e-curriculum with  accompanying training by Jocelyn Richards and me at a special discount for a limited time. I hope you’ll take advantage of it. I think you will love it.

Package: And a Child Shall Lead Them – Ten Worship Dance Lessons for Children AND

Raising Up Worshipful Children Teleseminar.

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Regular Price for Package: $44
New Subscriber Price: $30 for a limited time.

With And a Child Shall Lead Them you be equipped to teach:
• The Power of a Worshiping Child

• How to Build a Vocabulary of Movement by borrowing from sign language to create gestures for 21 worship words

• How to Join the Worship of Heaven by putting Revelation 7 to motion

• The difference between empty worship and full worship that pleases the Lord and blesses others

• Dancing with Your Face

• The Purpose of Dance in Worship

• How to use worship to stop the work of the enemy and advance the Kingdom of God.

This book is illustrated and contains two short videos to supplement the lessons. To learn more, watch the video below:

The creative and detailed lesson plans contain clear descriptions of lesson objectives, materials needed, suggested worship songs, and scriptures supporting each lesson. Also included is a visual dictionary of  worship words derived from sign language, and a list of suggested resources for teaching worship dance.

Also included, Raising Up Worshipful Children – Teleseminar with Jocelyn Richard of  The Praise Dance Life

I taught this two session audio class with Jocelyn Richard. This important dynamic training is a perfect compliment to And a Child Shall Lead Them – Ten Worship Dance Lessons for Children. In it, you will  learn how to use this e-curriculum to lead a worshipful children’s dance ministry or to disciple your own children to worship wholeheartedly through dance.

Regular Price: $18

This important, dynamic training will help you orchestrate a worshipful children’s dance ministry by teaching you:

•how to lead the children in dance, to equip them to lead in dance ministry; not just be cute and entertaining the crowd.

•teach the children to worship the Lord using the Scriptures, joining the dance of heaven.

•how to use sign language in the children’s worship dance ministry

•activities to use in class to engage children and help them keep their hearts right with the Lord

•Q&A from original session participants


Amy’s book is a wonderful tool for training children and adults in worship dance. The lessons are so creative. Amy gives you clear details on how you can conduct your class. The pictures showing her expressions of worship are beautiful as well. It is a very inspiring must have book. From the first lesson your dancers will have something they have movement they can use. I am just loving using this book! —  Nanette Levons, The Glorious Praise Dancers

These worship dance lessons are spelled out for you, she has professional photographs in this ebook for you. All the work is done, all you have to do is pray and get your children together and worship the Lord. — Jocelyn Richard, The Praise Dance Life

Thank you so much for the  teaching tonight. It was awesome and I learned a lot. I love to dance, but I am not a schooled teacher.  The Holy Spirit has been instructing me. I love how you started the class stating that children can be required to worship; they are not there just to look pretty and that they can make a commitment to dance for the Lord.  I also liked what you said about that not all people that speak in public can do it on a whim.  This has helped me have an understanding even with the adult team.  I am going to implement a lot of what I learned this Wednesday night….I feel double blessed tonight with the teaching.  It was a divine hook-up. God Bless.

Purchase both And a Child Shall Lead Them – Ten Worship Dance Lessons for Children and Raising up Worshipful Children as a package:
Regular Price for Package: $44
New Subscriber Price: $30 for a limited time

Within 12 hours of purchase, you will receive digital downloads for:

* e-manual with Ten creative and detailed lesson plans which you can use these immediately to teach children to worship the Lord using dance.

* Video:  Building a Vocabulary of Movement, which illustrates the Visual Dictionary contained in your book – providing you with gestures and signs for over 20 worship words

* Video: Joining the Worship of Heaven – Revelation 7 Gestures, illustrating Lesson 8 in the book, Joining the Worship of Heaven. This short video contains phenomenal worshpgestures which you can borrow to set Revelation 7:12 in motion.

* Audio: Two audio sessions taught by Amy Tang and Jocelyn Richard

• Slides to accompany the audio course

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