Watch for news about a conferences in Southern California (and contact me if you are interested in attending one and/or helping to host one)

Today, celebrate with me God’s goodness as he worked through this conference:

Holy Visitation – Worship Dance Conference – Sherwood, Oregon – August 15-16, 2014

Liturgical dance conference Sherwood

We experienced this deep place of worship where life-changes happened. We saw a transformation not only in our dance, but in our selves. We went home not only with fresh ideas, but changed…

with Pastor Lynn M. Hayden

Having Lynn Hayden coming to our neck of the woods was such a privilege. I came home with  my toolbox full of exciting ideas for choreography, team building, and creative movement as well as full of the Holy Spirit’s joy and power. Enjoy these highlights from the conference:



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  1. God has been calling me into a deeper place of worship with him. I live in Cedar City, UT.

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