Balance and Stretch DVD

worship dance stretch DVD
Gain strength, flexibility and balance by using this DVD regularly

Price: $26

Product Description:

Following the Stretch & Adoration (Beginner DVD), this resource is a challenging, intermediate workout that will definitely improve your balance, strength, and flexibility.

This DVD proves to be an important tool for a worship dancer (or anyone interested in movement):

  • To be more flexible
  • To move more freely
  • To help prevent injury
  • To give the body longer, leaner lines
  • And to be more relaxed

Lynn Hayden’s gentle teaching style will encourage you to reach new fitness levels, for vast physical improvement and well being.

Starting with standing large muscle group warm-ups, Lynn takes you through a series of intense balancing poses & stretches sure to make you glisten with healthy sweat!

Followed by an invigorating series of floor poses and stretches, Lynn will then help you relax with a soothing stress reduction technique.

Be sure to watch the ending for tips and modifications.

Improve your overall health today with Balance & Stretch!

No matter what your special arts interest may be, this DVD is a must for you! Be sure to add this one to your collection.

People who like this also enjoy the Modern Dance I DVD as well as the Stretch and Adoration DVD.

Running Time ~ 56 Minutes

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