Praise Dance Camp 2018 Recap

kids praise with veilsI turned fifty this month and one of the highlights of my birthday was beginning praise dance camp. I can’t think of a more joyful way to celebrate through dance.

Our theme this year was Celebrate God. While this was the smallest praise dance camp I’ve ever had, it was, perhaps the richest. I was so moved by the beauty of the children’s worship and creativity and watched the Lord touch their lives deeply.

Here is what one student shared about dance camp:

“It was very inspirational.  It inspired me to help my mom choreograph a new praise dance for Grandparents’ Day in September. I learned new techniques and movements to put in our praise dance. I enjoyed making new friends. – Juliana

And here is what one mother shared:

“The girls had a wonderful time.  They enjoyed learning the choreography to the worship song ‘Hosanna.’  They also enjoyed working with the veils.  It was a blessing to see them incorporate dance with the veils as part of their expression in worship.”

The beauty of their grace-filled movements was enhanced by the fluidity of the veils.  It was a blessing for them to share this dance with those that were present on the last day.  In sharing it with others, His fragrance goes forth and blesses others.”  – Tracy

Here is a video recap to give you a picture of our week together. I hope it also gives you some practical ideas for planning a praise dance camp or class.

6 thoughts on “Praise Dance Camp 2018 Recap”

    1. I love to see the next generation worshipping the Lord. It’s a great gift the Lord has given you to have a heart for the children and a God given ability to teach them.These children will take with them what they learn the rest of thier lifes. May Yeshua continue to bless you and give you creative ideas

  1. This is so beautiful Amy!! Congratulations on such a beautiful Summer Praise Camp!!
    I love seeing what you are doing, so beautiful to see you worshipping with the children, and so inspired by it!! Praise God!! Much love!!

  2. very nice! the young ladies were focused and did a great job. it’s better to have a small group who loves to learn! great video that you can always share because everyone was engaged and looked their best! thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, they were very focused. And I agree that it is so good to have a small group that wants to learn. Thanks for your encouragement.

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