Are you capable?

dancers confidence quoteDo you see yourself as capable?

How confident are you that you can complete the tasks you believe God has given you?

What do you tell yourself about yourself?

As worship dancers, our confidence is so often under attack. We often question our sense of call and whether we are worthy of the assignments we feel called to.

God cares very much about how we see ourselves. What He wants from us and for us is often different and always better than what we believe or deserve.

In this post, I’m going to share about a phrase from the bible that challenged me to change the way I think and speak about myself. I’ve got a gift for you in the post as well.

I’ve been using a French bible for my devotions this year. Dance and
French are my favorite languages. Reading scripture in French slows me down and causes words and phrases to jump out at me in new ways. That happened this week.

You are probably familiar with the story of the twelve spies that Moses sent to explore the land of Canaan in order to bring back a report to the Israelites about the land the LORD had promised them. Ten come back with tales of distress. They report that the land may be fruitful, but its inhabitants are large and threatening, too much for the Israelites to conquer. Two return full of hope and promise. One of them, Caleb, says, “Let’s go conquer the land,” (“Allons-y, faisons la conquête de ce pays.”)

It was his next words that jumped off the page and smacked me in the face. They read, “car nous en sommes vraiment capables.” You don’t have to speak french to recognize the word capable. The phrase translates, “for we are truly capable of it.” (emphasis mine). This was the report that pleased the Lord. They believed they were capable of taking what He had given them. They believed they were capable.

numbers 13 30 translationThese words smacked me on the face because they are so rarely mine. I identify too readily with the ten spies. I identify with the ones who saw the obstacles, who were most mindful of their own weakness, and who assessed the situation by what they knew of the circumstances and their own limits. I have too often seen this as being realistic, being practical, even being humble. I imagine that is just how the ten saw the situation.

They couldn’t believe that God’s plan for them was as good as it was, so they focused on their own weaknesses.

This realism and humility, however, didn’t please the Lord.

God's plans are goodThe Lord was pleased with the ones who said, “Let’s do this. We are capable.” (paraphrased). That is the mindset of faith. We know their confidence wasn’t in their own abilities, that it was in the Lord’s promise and His ability to work through them. Nonetheless, they said, “We can do it;” “We are able;” “We are capable.”

They believed that God had good plans for them. Therefore, they understood that any obstacles to getting there were God’s problem, not theirs. So they were unafraid to move forward.

Again I ask, “What do you tell yourself about yourself?”

Do you say, “I am capable”? Do you move forward with what you believe He’s called you to do with the confidence that you are “well able to conquer it?”

Or do you say, like the ten, “I am not able,” “I don’t have what it takes (the time, the money, the training, the connections, the skill, the aptitude),” or, “I’m like a grasshopper compared to them”?

Don’t let the enemy deceive you. Those thoughts are not humility, nor are they realistic. They are not even your own thoughts. They are the ideas whispered to you by the enemy whose goal is to steal, kill and destroy the plans God has for you, to keep you from your inheritance.

I wrote Caleb’s words on the front cover of my journal so that I might read them over and over, to impress them on my heart and mind. “J’en suis vraiment capable.” I am truly capable of it, truly capable of taking the territory He has for me.

I created two graphics for you of these verses to help you hold onto this word.

Choose the one you like best. Click on the image. Download it. Make it your lock screen or your Facebook cover (you can align it so my web address doesn’t show on your cover) or print it out and put it on your mirror. You are capable because He is capable and He has territory for you to conquer.

Numbers 13:30
Click on image to download. Then right click to save.
numbers 13-30
Click on image to download. Then right click to sa








Take a minute and share in the comments. We’d love to hear from you:

How do you talk to yourself about your abilities? What has the Lord spoken to you about His calling on your life?

What is He saying to you today?

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11 thoughts on “Are you capable?”

  1. Timely as I’ve been dealing w the unexpected this month. At my new DC’s office n this location, both times I was told “He knows u can do it”!

  2. Very important message for me personally. I have been relishing in God’s lavish love for me over the last few weeks. I can’t believe it! If He thinks so highly of me, then I going to receive and speak it out!!
    Thanks, Amy!

  3. Called to dance ministry many years ago…and now have reached an age of asking the very question that you say ‘jumped out at you’ from the scriptures. I wonder if I am (still) capable? The questions swirl around in my mind, heart and spirit while my heartfelt desire is to continue to serve through the ministry of dance surfaces and re-surfaces within my doubts. At this point, I have committed to another year leading the dance ministry at my church. In my prayers, I regularly ask God to not only guide my steps, but inform my heart of His desires and purpose for me at this stage in my life.
    Thank you Amy, for your generosity of heart and spirit — I always learn and grow through your offerings. It is clear to me that you are, indeed, capable and your tender spirit is inspirational! God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Shannon. I think that continuing to seek Him through prayer is critical. I’m confident that He will and is revealing it. The fact that your passion continues to be strong to serve in dance and that you continue to have an open door to serve indicates it is His call. Bless you! Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Thank you Amy, this is so encouraging and timely. I can do all things through GOD, HE gives me the strength now
    I’ll believe and say that I am capable. Since GOD
    sent me, ” I have Faith and Confidence to go and do it.”
    I am capable. It is a struggle at times to encourage myself.
    ” We are capable,” is a powerful spiritual weapon.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for inspiring is a lot of encouraging to me that im capable to go back to the ministry despite of my age
    ( 40 ) ..because i know and i believe that God looks to ours heart no matter what your age but He looks for the heart that are willing to serve. That’s why im proud to say that Im capable to worship our King of Kings and the Lord of Lord. .

    To God be glory!

    1. Hi Rowena. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. I was 42 when asked myself, “Does it make sense to really begin investing in dance ministry at this age?” (I had danced in church for years, but was beginning to invest in my training). It was then I realized that this dancing/worship thing will continue into eternity. In light of eternity, forty-something was nothing. I also had been watching the young girls I choreographed for improve over the years as they took dance classes. I said to the Lord, “I need to either get better or leave the dancing to these young girls who continue to grow and improve.” The response I got was door after door of opportunities to grown and learn more as a dancer. He makes us capable.

  6. All the glory to God! This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for your faithfulness in hearing the voice of our Good Shepherd and in sharing what you’ve learned. May God continue to bless His children and help us to defeat dis”courage”ment and instead have the courage that comes from faith in Him! Bless you, my Sister in Christ.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. That is so encouraging to me. Yes, glory to God. Everything good we have and are is from Him. Every good idea, every good act, every skill he enables us to develop. Yes to having the courage that is from him. Thanks for taking time to read and share.

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