Add Variety to your Choreography by Varying Stage Positions

This exercise, inspired by the Divine Choreography DVD by Dancing for Him is a great exercise to use with your team or dance class to see how something as simple as varying your position on the stage can add interest and variety to your choreography. On this video, I’ll explain the nine quadrants of the stage. Then I’ll show three different exercises where we take a simple pose/gesture and, by walking to different positions on the stage and posing, create a simple worshipful movement. In addition, I explain three techniques to use, when you have only two dancers, that keep your choreography dynamic.

I use this exercise with my children in dance class and they love it. It’s powerful to see how moving around the stage with simple worship poses creates an inviting and worshipful movement sequence.

To learn more techniques for fashioning choreography that holds the congregations interest, and therefore makes space to minister, purchase the Divine Choreography DVD or the corresponding book.

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