Product Bundles – SALE

Save over 40% on product Bundles 
As you prepare for the new year, I encourage you to invest in yourself, in your own spiritual formation and in your technique. To help you in this, I have created two bundles where you can save over 40% and gain access to videos that will deepen your time of private worship, build your vocabulary of worship, and deepen your choreography repertoire. The Devotional Bundle will give you access to Devotions in Motion, an excellent tool for jumpstarting your morning devotions with movement; Under the Shadow of His Wings, my favorite active devotional guide that you will find transformational; and Modern Dance for Worship, in which you will learn choreographed movement phrases of prayers from the scriptures. The Choreography Bundle will give you access to my favorite choreographed dance, that you can use for a solo or for a group. You will love this one as well as Modern Dance for Worship.Take advantage of these offers. You will be so glad that you did.

Devotional Bundle $75 $39

Choreography Bundle $75 $39