Ballet III – Intermediate/Advanced – VIDEO Product Description:’


Do you want deeper, more challenging and involved ballet exercises?

Do you want to take your dance technique to the next level?

Do you desire to be strengthened, so you may dance more dynamically?

Would you like to be more flexible, so you may dance more gracefully?

Do you want a greater movement vocabulary?

Do you want your worship dances to minister with a spirit of excellence?

Then this Ballet III DVD is for you!

Hearing the tips, corrections and cueing from a master teacher with nearly 50 years experience, while exercises are being shown by a younger professional ballerina, is like going to a studio and taking a challenging intermediate/advanced ballet class.

There are chapters for every exercise, so once you learn it, you can skip over the instruction and go right through the class for an intense ballet workout!


Therapeutic Barre

Ballet Barre

Stretch on Floor and Barre

Center Floor Work – Adagio, Petite Allegro, Pirouettes, Jumps…

Across the Floor Routines – Grand Allegro, Leaps, Tour Jete’…

Final Reverence

Each exercise in the center is shown/taught from the back for easier learning. Then it is presented facing front so you may see proper execution.

Since it is more advanced, it is highly recommended that you practice the earlier DVD versions of ballet before attempting this.

Get ready to challenge your body with an intense ballet work out! Get your copy today!

The music in this DVD is called “Ballet Magnificat – Music for ballet class set to timeless worship songs” by Marc Ridgeway. It may be found on Ballet Magnificat’s website.

Running Time: 1 Hour 9 Minutes

Price: $20