Children’s Worship Dance Curriculum – Ebook or book with video downloads

Childrens Worship Curriculum
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Devotions in Motion Video Uploads

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From Performance to Worship – Teaching Children to Worship when they Dance Video Uploads

kids praise dance training
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Online Course: Teaching Worship Dance to Children

worship dance for children
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Books and DVDs on Prophetic Dance

praise and worship dance books and dvds
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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a curriculum( not video) to use to teach several ages . Presently I’m teaching liturgical dance to a family( a mom, her 4 daughter( ages18-14) and her son who is 13. I’ve been teaching this family for a year. I have a lady in 30s who is interested and maybe somewhere down the road to include younger children too. I’m just looking for a curriculum that would be good to teach about foundations of liturgical dance.. I’m not really looking to teach right now using videos. Do you have teacher manual and student books? Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,
      My worship dance curriculum was written exactly for that. You can purchase the manual apart from the videos. The manual has 10 foundational worship dance lessons. The videos simply supplement it if you want some live explanation/coaching. But it’s the manual I take with me to class and teach out of. You can find it here: It’s out of stock at the moment but should be available again this Friday. Blessings!

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